silver ink on dk. brown paper

I’ve printed silver ink on dark/chocolate brown paper to okay results.

Question: is there anything I can add to the ink to make it more opaque or pop out more?

Any suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Opaque white, looks silverish on dark blue stock. Coverage is another thing.
When printing a difficult job, it sometimes is a good idea to have a quantity of different color and finish stocks to shoot through the press. Before washinig up the press. Pencil a few notes for later retrival as samples to judge how well it does and inform the customer of a combinations range of difficulty and price level.
Foil stamping does a good job with that color combination. Good luck!

Calvinc makes good points.

We sometimes do a clear foil over ink to get a pop. Generally, the ink run is via offset in these circumstances rather than relief printing followed by the foil. You need pretty bold fonts/art to get maximum effect. We sometimes use Eckart Topstar Brilliant 6 which has nice leafing characteristics ($$$$), but at times requires a spot varnish top coat to prevent rub off. The varnish is generally dictated by the stock as 300+ gsm with heavy impression creates enough of a “well” in the finished product that rub off is not that big a deal. If you do use the Eckart ink, I would defer the primer step recommended by Eckart, as we have found it to be not be necessary. If anything, use transparent white particularly if you have a stock with a kid finish. As long as you can keep register, this step creates a nice foundation for the silver. Eckart technical notes recommend a silver primer, but one of their technical specialist passed on the transparent white tip and it works well for us.

Our general philosophy is that it can be done with nice results, but is expensive as multiple processes must be employed.

Try any color ink and dust it with a silver raised printing powder, raise with a heat gun, looks great. Dick G.

I just had some great success printing on a soft to dark grey with process yellow mixed with gold powder. The powder was mixed into the yellow ink, it looks about as close to gold foil as I’ve ever seen. The same effect could possible be done with opaque white, a touch of process black and silver powder. They key to using metallic powders is to start with a very loose ink as the powder will quickly thicken it up.

Thanks for the great suggestions.

I’ve never used metallic powders before… any suggestions on where I can get that if I try that route?

All good ideas, something else to try is a double hit. We have run numerous jobs on dark stock (blue/ black/ brown) and the double hit comes out great. Adding Opque white can help but be careful if you add to much when the ink dries it will soak in a look white not silver.