Universal I

I just bought a Vandercook Universal I press. Can anybody give me the weight please. The press sits against a wall, I can’t see any serial number. Thanks.

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Vandercook Universal I Hand Test Press 6/11/58 #19,329 - 2/5/76 #30,010
Part of the Universal series.

u1 From Universal I Sales brochure (1971)
Bed: 15½” × 39
Maximum sheet: 15¼” × 24”
Maximum form: 13” × 22
Floor space: 2’11” × 7’2” (add 3” for adjustable bed)
Net weight: 1200 lbs (add 500 lbs adjustable bed)

Information I found on the Vandercook information page:


Serial number would be at the bed end, next to the near-side bed bearer. (Sometimes on older presses it may be on the far-side.)

Great! I’ve checked out the Vandercook information page. Now I have to move it and start cleaning it. According to the person who sold it, it has not been used a lot, mainly collecting dust.

Congratulations on the new press. The Uni I is a very nice machine. I think you will be very happy with it.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

A first picture of it, just after I bought it.

image: vandercook_universal_I.jpg


Congratulations, Thomas. That is a very desirable press. You will love it.

When you move it, you should not put it against a wall as its previous owner did. You’ll want access to both sides for routine maintenance. You also need room to stand at the bed end of the press since that’s the position from which you check the form roller height, something you do with each run and sometimes during runs. I’m getting claustrophobic just looking at that picture.

When you’ve got it in place, you should register the serial number at the vandercookpress.info site. They are also extremely helpful with any questions that might arise. The “Vanderblog” section has all of the questions-and-answers organized by press model. It wouldn’t hurt to read through all of the discussions relevant to the Universal 1.

Again, congratulations! Keep us posted on your progress.