No 5 Boston Wire Stitcher (Bostich) questions

Does anyone have a instruction manual for a No. 5 Boston Wire Stitcher. This is an upright, self standing unit. It take a spool of wire, has three legs and weighs about 150 pounds. I am looking for a manual, or better yet someone in the NY area that knows something about this stitcher.
Steve Varvaro
Southpaw Printers

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I was able to get a manual from Bostitch for a No.2 a few years ago.

I think i have one for a no. 7, the one that will staple up to 7/8” of paper, will that help? Dick G. I found the manual, its for a no. 7, if you need a copy let me know, i think its close to what you have.

Dick G,

I just bought a Bostich model 7 and am in need of an owner’s manual. You mentioned that you have a copy?

Randy Hess

will look for it, might not get a chance till Saturday to look for it,

Steve, Sir, If all else fails, check out, Mr. Jim Crichton, found at, [email protected] Service Engineer for, Boston (Monotype) Wire Stitchers and most others.