Golding Official No4

Hey guys, could someone please shed some light on this for me. I have an old Golding that I am currently tidying up and there are a few things which I cannot identify on the press.

I would appreciate your help as although I believe I can work the press without using these two ‘bits of metal’, it would be interesting if I can indeed make my life easier by employing them as intended.

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here are the images.

image: Golding_Official_No4_b.jpg


image: Golding_Official_No4.jpg



In the 1st photo, the part is the arm that operates the grippers. The one on your press is not original. Someone has made that piece.

In the 2nd photo the part is the arm that holds a dog to turn the ink disk, The dog is missing. Also, the handle does not look original.

Hope this helps.


I’d say the item in photo 1 is part of the gripper operating mechanism, though it’s different from what I’ve seen on those presses. If so there should be a shaft across the bottom edge of the platen that the piece causes to rotate slightly as the press is closed. There would be two long blade-like arms on that shaft that close down on the platen as the press closes, to hold the paper in place.

I suspect the part to the left of the red dot was added by someone — there looks to be a cast piece sticking out of the frame to the right of the red dot under the roller rail, which is where I would expect that piece to contact the frame under spring pressure from the long spring at the other end of the piece.

The arm in photo 2 is the advance for the ink disc. It should have a small hole through it crosswise of the press for the pin that holds the cast-iron pawl that actually contacts the ink disc. Do you have the ink disc (since it’s not mounted on the press I have to ask)? If so you should be nearly complete. Making a pawl (I doubt if you’ll find one anywhere) should be possible.


many thanks, i will have a look what these little pawls look like and then make one from something

Found this pic on the internet. My Golding Official #2 was missing the ink disk pawl as well and I had a local welder make one up for me.

image: golding1.jpg


brilliant!, I hope I can find someone local who will do this for me.

All that pawl does is turn the ink disc a lottle to help spread the ink, a little push with your finger will also do the job, mine too is missing. Dick G.