Windmill Jam - unable to unscrew bolts

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Your press has that disc in the picture, forget white, there is 60 years of ink on it, it is to the left in the picture, you can get a screwdriver in there and move it to the right, this should enable you to back it up a little so you can get the stock out and the impression off. You might need liquid wrench or wd40 to get it to move. Good luck Dick G.

Also, if the two stuck bolts are adjacent to each other, it may be that the bolted part has sprung a little from the release of the others and that is jamming the two remaining ones. I would lubricate the bolts you’ve removed and reinstall them snug to tight, and then try to loosen the other two. By lubricating the reinstalled ones you’ll be able to remove them again more easily.


Yeah, take them off in a star pattern like when you put on a tire. That way the pressure is evenly distributed.


I always set the press up with the impression on 0, then before i print i will set the feeder and run 50 or so sheets thru and make sure i’m not pulling doubles. We used to print a lot of tickets, these presses would pick up 10 or 20 tickets at once if not set up right and jam the press shut, get the feeder going first before even putting the chase in the press and you will never jam again (maybe). good luck Dick G.