[Heidelberg Windmill] Printing and die cutting beer coasters on it?

Hello :)
I’ve read about people who die cut beer coasters daily on their Windmill, but does anyone have got direct experience printing them without any indentation on the cardboard?

I’d like to start a beer coasters business here in Italy but every printer with a Windmill say me: it’s impossible, the cardboard is too thick.

This reminds me the rule that the packing + the sheet you need to print must be max 1mm.

How it works?

thank you!

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Any help?

Thank you!

If i were you i would get my hands on a small amount of the stock you want to run and try it out. If the stock is thick make sure you back the impression way off and try to get the stock running before you try to put the press on impression, run some thru the press to make sure you are not pulling doubles before you start printing. These windmills can do some amazing things. i think if you get the stock to feed you should be able to print it, you might have to remove most of the packing. Hope this helps, good luck Dick G.

Hello DickG,
thanks like always for the tips. An old printer from here said me the same thing. I hope to find that paper soon and make some tests.


I’ve run the blank (precut) coasters from Katz through my Windmill with success. I packed with just with a tympan sheet as that, plus the stock, equals the 1/25” suggested total thickness. (keeping the impression even) Problem is that the gripper put a little dent on the edge of each of the precut blanks, so I ditched that effort. I have also run some of their cut down parent stock, but find that the height of the stock matters. It may be my press, but the available opening in the gripper arms seems to get less as the sheet gets taller. I’m thinking print and turn 2 up sheets about 4.5 x 8 inches and then die cut. If you were to not drop the stock onto the gauge bar, you could do larger sheets, but I need registration.

look at the opening adjusters there should be virtually no play in them if you want maximum opening to allow the feeder pick up to successfully place the sheet into the gripper . you must retain the minimum play not over adjust them or the gripper wont fully close ,

Ive also been having the same problem regarding the gripper denting the ende of the card stock. We only run stock over 660ish microns (sorry) so am obviously alsways going to get this problem unless theres an adjustment on the press (heidelberg). I adjusted what i thought to be the gripper adjustment, the threaded eyelet (attached to end of gripper arm) which goes into the ball and socket. Is there something else I can do? The rubbers have worn away but I would have thought replacing them would make matters worse.