heidelberg Windmill Oil UK


Which oil brand and type do you use for your heidelberg windmill? In the UK..



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I don’t have a Windmill yet, but based on the Windmill manual you want:

“Gargoyle Vactra Extra Heavy” It is an ISO 150 way-oil still made as Mobil Vactra No 3. It is the same thing we use in the milling machines and lathes at work.


Can anyone else comment on what they use in their Windmill?

I just use a 30 wt. non detergent oil for all my equipment, i run my windmills daily and its kept them going for over 30 years. Dick G.

Dick, is there a checklist guide that you know of that describes the steps to restoring a heidelberg windmill to a working capacity? While mine currently sits in a storage facility, I still spend most of my day dreaming about how I’ll restore her to some sort of working order.

Some pictures of her can be found here http://www.noblemedia.ca