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Old urethane or “composition” roller decomposed on type cabinet. “Melts” more when warm. Can’t remove with putty knife or release roller core. Acetone won’t remove material from hands. How do I get this goop off?

image: photo-3.JPG


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Use a hair dryer, more heat to soften (can’t do any more damage) … then use a non-metalic scraper to clean up the mess.

Paint stripper

wow, . have you tried to go the other way Freeze it.

I have used offset powder with some success. You could try corn starch, flour, or diatomaceous earth (swimming pool powder). The powder absorbs and dries the sticky liquified compounds making it easier to remove.
Use a knife to carve the core away and to remove as much of the more-or-less solid material as possible.
Completely cover the goo with the powder and let it sit for awhile. It isn’t easy, but with some work and time you can get it off.
It could take a few sessions to complete, and if you need to use a cleaner at some point, try soap and water, as these rollers are not solvent based.
Try a handfull of peanut butter to get it off your hands. It’s a great hand cleaner for all kinds of sticky stuff!

Have you tried mice to get it off?