Chase for a ‘C&P’ and an ‘Arab’

Can anyone provide the ‘chase’ schematics for a C&P 10 x15 and an ARAB Crown folio 15x10 ? (same, same, but different)… and is steel type critical ie: Mild Steel, S/Steel, etc;

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I am also interested in the C&P 10x15 chase info.
Or any suggestions on chase suppliers.

I have 10x15 C&P chases. $30 plus shipping. Contact me if you are interested

EDIT - corrections made to drawing dimensions

Here are dimensions for a skeleton chase. It gives you a little more image area.

image: SkeletonChase.png


image: S-Chase.jpg


image: S-Chase_Corner.jpg


Are these chases generally milled out of a sheet or are they fabricated out of bar stock and welded?

Mine appears to have been cut from steel plate. There are no visible signs of welding.

Very helpful, Thank you.

Can anyone foresee an issue with the chase fabricated from stainless steel? (solid)

Cheapest way out is to make them out of plywood, they work very well.

Dick is right. Check out this site for plywood chases and other stuff.

That’s interesting… and easy to make as well. Just assumed steel was the preferred material. A good way to kick start.
S/Steel was a consideration due to ‘friends’ in the metals industry… so not an expensive option.

Thanks for the feedback