Golding Pearl #3 parts

I am in the process of renovating a Pearl #3 and had one of the Crank Shaft Connection Cap Screws twist its head off. It was not even all the way seated in the shaft threaded section.
Does anyone know where I can get replacements? I have tried all the local hardware shops and the bolt is a #7 (mm) with a 1.25 or 1.5 pitch and everyone only has 1.00 pitch bolts. I really would prefer to not have to re-tap the holes.

My other question is on gears, both the large gear and the smaller gear on the drive shaft have issues. The drive shaft gear has a worn spot in the center of one of the teeth and the large main gear has 2 teeth which are a corner on the inside. Normally I would just refit the gears so they didn’t mesh in those spots but I have been unable to do this.
So! to recap:
Replacement Cap Screws for the CrankShaft Connector
Replacement gears

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Are you aware of the Pearl forum for people restoring Golding Pearl presses? People helping with information, parts, etc. I am one of two moderators so could send you an invitation if you are interested.


I would love an invite to that! It would be very helpful.

You can also check with Mike Anton. He helped me with some parts for the Pearl OS #3 I was working on for Heartfish Press not too long ago.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hello John,

I would also like a invitation to the Pearl forum.

thank you.

Hello Daniel,

Are you back from your vacation?


Those interested in joining the Yahoo Pearl forum must send me their email address and should be involved in restoring a Pearl, or have a finished Pearl and want to help others. Send an email to [email protected] We currently have over 70 members.


image: edit.jpg


Hey now, that is exactly as the one I am working on! I have seen several diagrams and images that had 3 drawers. Unfortunately where it says Golding Co. on the side, someone had chiseled/ground off the rest underneath it.

I will send that email along as well! I need to have a yahoo email to join don’t I…

Typically the Pearl OS #1 has three drawers and the #3 has two, though I am told there are exceptions.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hey Daniel,

I have learned the number of drawers is related to the age although I have not been able to pinpoint the year they changed. Here is a 1877 No. 3 showing the three drawers version. The 2 drawer version I posted above is from 1890. There are many other parts that differ as well, many not even interchangeable. Keeps life interesting!


image: edit2.jpg


Hello guys, I have a 2 drawer pearl no.3 but missing some parts. Does anyone know how much it is worth?

image: DSCF4755.JPG


Where are you located? Is it your intention to sell it?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I am in central fl. and yes I am planing to sell it. But not sure if i should restore it first. Time and money may be a issue for me.


I’m not sure you could find the all the parts you need to do a proper restoration. The press is somewhat early and has numerous issues that will not be easy to remedy. It also already has some welded repairs. If I were you, I would be thinking of selling to someone looking for parts. Its worth what someone is willing to pay you.


Hi John would be interested in the peal forum
[email protected]