Gauge pins with micrometer?

I swear I’ve seen this, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Aren’t there some gauge pins with a micrometer on them to do fine adjustments to your paper position without actually resetting the pins?

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Check the barplate website :

they are very $…


Ouch! very cool, but… damn.

Check out Excelsior Press, Alan found some old gauge pins that could be adjusted, they were pretty rusted but he posted them on his site, they look pretty good, i think he was planning on making some, but we might not live long enough to see this, he can’t keep up with everything else he’s trying to do. Dick G.

I use Bar-Plate gauges on the operator side of my Vandercooks. Quite handy for book work/deckles.

Not sure I would call them expensive. You could just use galley magnets if you don’t want to invest in handy tools (that will save you a lot of aggravation). Then again, galley magnets aren’t that inexpensive anymore either. And they are not the best for the purpose.


There was Megill’s Perfect Register Gauge. These had to be glued to the tympan and are roughly 4 x 6 picas. Megill’s is part of American Printing Equipment now but these haven’t been made in a very long time.

image: perfectregistergauge.jpg


Ahh! I’m pretty sure those are the ones I saw originally.

I guess Bar-Plate is the only option nowadays.

The Kort Adjustable Quad guides sold by NA Graphics are not micrometer-adjusted, but do give you about 10 or 15 points of adjustment without needing to reposition the pin on your drawsheet. They clamp into incisions made into the drawsheet and can be easily unclamped, adjusted, and re-clamped.

I also use the Kort Adjustable Quad guides sold by NA Graphics, quality/price wise they are a great investment.
I will eventually buy the Barplate guides, but for now i am more than happy with the Kort Adjustable Quad guides.