“snap on” Die Jacket

I recently purchased a 10x15 Platen Snap-on die jacket, Boxmaker, stainless steel, .030”, made by Bar-Plate from NA Graphics and I’m having some trouble putting it on the platen. We have an old one at the shop and it seems to be a little different, maybe Fritz sent me the wrong model?
The new one has an extra lip, as seen in the attached picture on the right, the old one is on the left
Does anyone have any experience with this new model of jacket?

image: rsz_1imag0013.jpg


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From everything I can see here the new one looks normal…..where is the “extra lip”? I can’t really see the old one very well to compare it to.

I looks as though the old one only has the long lip across the top and that’s all,or does it have the one long lip across the top and only one on the bottom?

They both have one long on the top and two on the bottom. The old one has the bottom two lips that angle back on the jacket like a > shape (about 45º). The new one has two lips on the bottom that angles 45º back toward the jacket but then bends back creating “C” shape going away from the jacket.

I know I do not have any experience with that new jacket.

Below is info from bar plates web site.


Snap-On, Z-Bar and Clam Shell Jackets
Snap-On, “Z” Bar & Clamshell Jackets

If you have a Heidelberg Windmill,“T”, “TP” or “GT”, Kluge or C&P, we have the jacket for you.We carry Snap-On Jackets for all three presses in a variety of sizes. Simply snap-on our preformed jacket; no adjustment is necessary. The jacket is held in place with the preformed edges and the tensile pressure incorporated into our design.

Our NEW “Z” Bar Jacket is expressly designed for use on presses that still operate as printers or where the bails are still attached to the press. The bails hold the “Z” bars in place which, in turn, hold the cutting plate on the platen. .030” and .060” are the most common sizes and are in stock. A large variety of other thicknesses is available.

haven’t tried die cutting before, and would like to try it. I’ve noticed the 0.3” jackets are cheaper, what would they be used for instead of a thicker one?


thicker ones last longer. If you get a thinner one sometimes I pack it with Mylar behind the jacket so it cuts even.

Two lugs to the bottom of the platen ,long bit to the top put it in place bottom first and place a piece of wood along the plate at the top start at one side and give it a bash with the heel of your hand and if you feel it start to clip but spring off again give it more thump, and quickly work along the top it should suddenly give and pop on , if it doesnt go i would suspect poor manufacture ,it is no easy task to produce these spring bends, last resort rubber mallet and same process use wood to spread the stress so as not to kink the plate . if that fails send it back to source and explain it wont fit ,it happens unfortunately that you get the odd one that just wont go on, theres nopoint in really bashing it on as you will only bend it trying to get it off then you have to pay for it. Of course you have removed the packing bars ,have you?

Thanks Peter, I’ll try that. Ha, yeah I removed the balers, that’s a good question since I know a lot of problems are caused by simple over looks.