Removing Lay/guide? bar - Heidelberg ‘windmill’


I have just attempted to remove the guide bar (or lay, oi don’t know) but cant seem to turn the screws as far as they turn for the guide adjustment.

I’m guessing it’s a solution staring me sqaure in the face and if the solution is in the manual you can call me an idiot and tell me to look for it myself.


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Why are you trying to remove the lay bar? If you are not printing with guides, it disengages through the use of the knurled knob on the flywheel side of the press, just next to the platen.

I want to remove it to give it and the bracket/holder a good clean as it barely moves (I know it’s supposed to move only 4 pts anyway).

The little lock nuts are probably the cause of your lack of adjustment. there is virtually nothing that goes wrong with the lay bar itself but if you really must remove it there is a collar beneath the bar (other end of the screw if you like) it is held on with the smallest taper pin on the machine , and indeed it is tiny , I would not recommend you attempt to get them out as the taper is very very difficult to find its direction out . The lay screw adjusters only turn two and one quarter of a turn from fully up to fully down . the blocks they go through resemble thors hammer and this part is removable on both sides its awkward and i can tell you how to do so easily enough but be assured dont try without i tell you how there are pinch bolts as you can see if you look but in among the grime ther are grub screws too and if you dont undo them you will bugger something up .I did a repair on a call outrecently to a “broken Front Lay bar as we call it ,it was not in fact broken but both pinchbolt and grub screw had come loose ,god knows how but it was a nice day to be there for two minutes and to walk into the office and actually be able to say all done , and when asked how much was the bill ? three litres of petrol and a cup of tea please.!!