do some pearl chases have pearl stamped on the back

recently going through some old chases found some large chases that are to big for my machines about 11 x 14inches and some a bit smaller so I listed 1 on ebay to test the water and someone asked does the chase have pearl marked on the back as he was told by a restoration group they should have pearl on them, now I have an improved pearl about 9x6 size and they do not have anything on the back, so just asking do some of the others have it marked on them. anyway it sold so I shall list the others.

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i have a few chases that are about 8x12 that have Golding on the back of them.


Yes, original cast Golding chases typically have the model on the back such as Pearl No. 3, Official No. 4 etc. but chases were made by others to fit Goldings perfectly. They may or may not say anything indicating what model they fit. I have many chases for my Goldings that say nothing. As far as your Improved Pearl, not sure where you took the 9 x 6 measurement, but, they came in three versions none having those dimensions. Maybe its a Pearl 5 x 8, or maybe its not a Pearl, but, an Official 6 x 9? I could tell you if I saw a picture of it.


Have to come up to see your chases now too!


hello, I took the 9x6 from the chase measurement, as I was measuring against the one I had for sale, I guess the 8x5 is the inside chase measurement, would that make it right, it has pearl on the treadle and a single cupboard at the front, regards John.

Hi John,

Yes, the typical advertised size of a press is measured inside the chase so 5 x 8 sounds much better for a Pearl and is backed up by your treadle description.