Suffolk, UK printers?

hi, I’ve just joined the Briar website and was wondering if there is anyone here in Suffolk, UK? And even if there’s anyone in East Anglia that runs workshops, courses, etc?

Thank you!

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Happy Dragon’s Press in Essex may help.
The Paper Trail where I volunteer runs courses on paper making, bookbinding and intro to letterpress.

We currently run a 3 hour intro to letterpress on a Sunday using Adana 8x5s when there is demand and will be running courses on an Albion which will be arriving in 2012.

hiya, ahh thank you so much for the info! I shall look into it now and check out the website =)

thanks everyone… still interested to hear of any letterpressers in Suffolk, but in the meantime have booked myself onto a 1-day workshop in London in January - can’t wait!