OS Treadle on NS Machine?

Does anyone here know if a C&P Old Style treadle would fit a same-sized C&P New Style press? I have a NS and might have the option to buy an OS treadle. Thanks!

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My guess is no. Hern Iron works which makes treadles for both has you specify the press model.

I ordered a treadle for our NS and am very pleased with it.

That would be my guess as well, but I was hoping someone might be able to give me a more definitive answer. The original OS treadle is just considerably cheaper than buying a new cast treadle from Hern. That’s really the main reason I’m interested.

They won’t. I have an OS press and an original NS treadle.
The NS treadle I have is stamped with “824” and roman numeral II (2).
My OS is a 10x15. If you are interested in trading treadles email me.
Mine has no visible cracks/welds/deformations and “rings” true.

BDMatelier, thanks very much for the offer, but I don’t actually have the OS treadle to be able to trade it, just an option to buy one from someone here on Briar Press. Also, my press is an 8” x 12” and the OS treadle is also from an 8” x 12”. Sorry, I should have put that in the original post. My apologies for the omission.