Shipping Heavy Equipment

What are some reliable shipping companies others have used? I’d like to purchase a cutter and have it shipped rather than having to go and get it. How much can I expect to spend on a delivery of a 300 lb. piece of equipment from MI to AL? Thanks!

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I’ve had great service & success with mi-logistics:
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Cost depends on so many variables. ground level.vs. loading dock?, crated?, skidded?, residential vs. commercial? point a? point b?, lift gate needed? etc.

I shipped an imagesetter @ 300# via LTL freight from Colorado to Louisiana for about $300. Liftgate service at both ends. It was all beat to hell when it got here, too.

Uni Shippers for domestic in the USA 800-292-9009
Specialty Freight for over seas

If it’s an irregular piece of equipment (i.e. not a cabinet) that is easily broken (i.e. cast iron) then I would encourage you to have it crated. It’ll cost extra but it’ll also go a long way in keeping the equipment in one piece.


Where/how do you go about getting something crated? Thanks for all the help!

Some of the moving people will also crate. I worked with a company out of Dayton a while back, it was $100 to pallet and crate a 12 x 18 C&P.