Your press layout (physical)

Been a bit since I have been around (not exactly a fixture here, yet!) and I have been wondering how everyone has their press space physically setup. Such as how are your cabinets, furniture, ephemera, presses are laid out within your space.
I have a generous space right now but I feel as if my workspace is lacking a good solid flow to it and I wanted to see how others have address this.
Also, any links anyone may have that they would be willing to share that shows how presses were laid out in their heyday would be greatly appreciated.


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This is a 600 sq ft shop with electrical drops from the ceiling to run the presses.

Inky Lips Letterpress

image: shop_layout.gif


Casey, You wouldn’t to have a larger image would you? I can’t really make out most of the text!
If you do and would rather not upload here, I would love it if when you get the chance you can email it to me.


If you have access to some of the early ATF catalogs there was a section in the back on model print shop layouts designed to help the new printer lay out his shop efficiently.



I wish I did but I do not. I am not sure my local library does either. My landlord may have some, I ought to ask him (he used to run/own the Journal Press in VT). He may have kept some!

Casey, that is a beautiful shop! I wish I had half of it. I like your ink mixing station on casters.

A few questions…

Is the work table your imposing stone? If not, where is your stone?

Is your paper rack where you store unused paper? If so, I’m just wondering why you don’t have that and your guillotine near each other, so you can take paper off the rack and put it right on the cutter.

Would it make sense to have the saw and the leading cabinet close to each other, so you can take 24” leads and slugs out, cut them, and then put some of them away without walking much.

I am basing this on the idea of streamlining business operations and there would of course be other considerations like where paper deliveries enter the area, etc., etc. In this day and age and considering the scale of our businesses, I can fully understand that other considerations may take precedence.

Again Casey, I would love to have your shop!

I do love the layout, I wish I could emulate it but I have one whole wall that is electrical services for the whole building that I cant really butt up against!