Keeping the floor clean

I’m about to move my three presses out of my garage and into a new shop that I’ve rented. The shop has a very nice new concrete floor that I want to make sure I don’t soil with oil dripping from my presses.

My Windmill already has a pan underneath it, but I need some recommendations for things to put under my C&Ps. Is there any common item I can pickup at the local hardware store that is good for this?


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try to find what we call hard board over here and paint both sides with some waste or left over gloss paint stand the presses on that you will have at least a wipe able surface and it will take years for the oil to go through it .
Havent seen my mate yet will let you know when its in place Evan.

Maybe there is an off the shelf item.
Automotive supply stores used to have metal or plastic pans like a large short lipped baking pan to put under cars in the garage.
Alternately, go to the sheet metal shop and purchase a piece of sheet metal of the appropriate size.

Preventing oil on the floor was a concern when getting our daughters O.S. 8x12 C & P up and running. We checked with a couple of local shops to see if they could fabricate a drip pan. Well over the $200.00 mark. After doing some searching on the web we found the perfect pan…at Walmart of all places. Cost $9.96. Found in the automative section ATP Extra Large Oil Drip Pan:

Biggest oil drip pan on the market
Made in the USA
Countless uses
Made of galvanized steel
Size: 4”L x 25”W x 0.5”H

Item number 001049833

Need a larger pan….use aluminum tape to join them

Hope this helps


If the concrete floor is not painted, ask the owner if it has been sealed. If not, ask if you may seal it. Concrete/masonry sealer is clear and goes on about like water. You cannot see it when it dries (unless it is the gloss type). You assume it is in the concrete and is doing its job. It will not absolutely seal the concrete against oil getting in, but will give you time to wipe it up.

Sealing the concrete as ‘inky’ suggests is the way I’d go. Concrete is porous and will soak up most fluids like a sponge and leave a nice stain to boot.

Make your own sealer. PVA Glue mixed with water (will dry clear), thin it down enough to use with a paint roller, 2 or three coats… done.

I bought a cheap roll of floor linoleum at Home Depot and unrolled it underneath the presses. Very easy to wipe ink off of, and can be rolled right up when you move out! I didn’t attach my linoleum to the floor at all, it’s just held down by the weight of the presses. I think the roll was 9 bucks.

Linoleum under my 10x15 also.

Yep, Linoleum under our 10 x 15 too. Easy to wipe and also gives your feet a small layer of cushioning between you and the concrete. We got our lino from a flooring shop for free as it was off cuts from a previous job

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions!

I may try Ink Spot’s solution and try to find a floor pan meant for a car. That may look a little nicer. If not, linoleum sounds like the way to go!

Thanks again.

I would skip the linoleum if i were you , put a blob of oil on it and stand in it , you will have your own ice rink !

My linoleum is just a barely bigger than the press itself. No room to stand on it.

well sensible !! I work in places with commercial floor paint and if the floor gets oily it really is a pain . No one seems to like mopping up these days !