Train Station Quoin Key?

Found a couple of old Train Station gate keys, they make for a nice Cornerstone Quoin Key.

image: 25012012(001).jpg


image: 25012012(002).jpg


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Perfect for using on an ATF Little Giant flatbed. Their Challenge Highspeed keys were extra-long, since the operator was leaning over high side frames when locking up the form. The finaal Little Giant No. 6 was made by Vickers-Armstrong in England. Were any sold there?


Some of the Little Giant Model 6 presses were produced in the US as well. I have had two and the first one I had was a Vickers-produce model 6 and my current one is not so marked, so I assume it is US made.

I use a right-angle quoin key on my press, but you are correct that a long-handled one would work well.

John Henry