Oil Gun for a Windmill

Does anyone know where I can get an oil gun for a windmill? Also does the oil gun truly use oil, or does it use grease, and if so will any grease gun work? hoping someone will be able to help on this Thank You in advance.

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that is not for grease, its for oil, i might have a spare, i’ll look tonight and get back to you later.

Norman at Hicks Brothers may be able to help you or point you where to buy a new one if Dick doesn’t have one. The new ones are plastic and not as durable, but you certainly need one or you cannot possibly oil the press.

Just out of curiosity is the oil ‘gun’ itself vital? one came with my press but it had obviously suffered some damage and the oil leaked out so badly it was useless. i replaced it with a small oil can style with a trigger and small spout. Are there oil points that this won’t work on? Unfortunately a lot of the points on my press are without paint markings (and some old red ink has been left in strange places) so it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. I can vaguely see a few obvious points and I adopted the mantra someone has said here previously, if it looks like it needs oil, oil it. But I have wondered if I should look for another oil gun as well.

whittenburg inc has everything you need for any of the Heidelberg letterpress machines including free advice and service tips, the oil gun is $46, call 615 212 0015 if you need any help or advice

Yes, you need an oil gun. How else would you oil the fitting with pressure nipples? There are two on each arm, and on the gripper head. The only place you use grease is the variable speed drive pulley.

i looked but could not find the oil gun. Girl with Kluge, i didn’t forget you, i’ve been soooo busy i haven’t had a chance to go to the post office, your chase is packed and ready to go, i just need to go to the post office, sorry for the delay. Dick G.

The greaseing points are green and require a grease gun with the pointy tip the oil points are in red and yellow and require an oil gun , this is identified by its having a screw on tip lid that stops the residues spilling everywhere .next note is the oilgun has a stopper inside the rear portion with a rullring on a bit of chain and it will have the legend printed “use viscous oil only ” the connect to nipple end is hollowed to sit on the nipples (i am not taking the p here we do indeed call them this in the UK )

The colors on Heidelberg lubrication points indicate frequency: red for daily, yellow for weekly and green for semiannually. Whether it is oil or grease is indicated by the opening: holes and raised nipples are for oil, grease ports are a conical recess.
I use the recommended 40w oil in the oil gun, but when used in the horizontal position—and there are many points on the Heidelberg cylinder that are horizontal—oil always leaks out of the gun past the stopper. Lousy design, but is anything better available?
These things confuse Americans because we are used to raised nipples used for grease fittings. If only we’d take the time to read the manual. It is even available online at Boxcar.

We too have raised lube points for grease as well but the guns dont seal on heidelberg style fittings for oil so it helps
P imp yep you is right with frequency but i know of no green oiling point so we say greens are grease , an oiler six months down the line would be a bit worn me thinks !!

The green lubrication point that I remember (and this is on the cylinder press) is inside the air piston, and it is an oil point. There might be another on the vibrator lateral stroke adjustment.

parallel_imp is correct on this one, only the k line letterpress required grease points and this was on the gearing in the feeder, platens and s letterpress machines are oil only apart from the motor bearings and the variable speed pulley on the platen.

Thank you everyone for all your help, thank you Dick G. for taking the time to look, I will have to purchase a plastic one, was hoping to avoid that, but you gotta do what you gotta do! again Thank You All.

I know the point in the horizontal pump , you have to screw the bleed valve out to get at it with the pison to the front of the press.