Roller hooks

My roller hooks, well, one of the two hooks looks awful, I don’t think it holds the roller right.
is this a part that can be replaced? or do I have to get the whole thing from another press?
Is this something that could be machined new?

Thanks a bunch.

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What size and make of press are you talking about?

Could we get a picture of the roller hook in question?

you can have one made identical to the other by a machinist…

These are technically pretty simple parts. Depending on your abilities, you may be able to fashion parts on your own.

Ok.. I don’t know if it’ll be clear enough.. It’s a cellphone pic.
The press is a C&P Craftsman 10x15
Thanks for your input.

image: hook.jpg


i’ve seen these redone by welding material on to it and redrilling them. (i think thats how it is done), i’d check with a machine shop.

If you’re trying to show the part of the saddle hook without the roller it does look badly worn. However, the roller you are using appears to have a core that is too small for this press and that will continue to wear your hooks unless, like dickg said, you fill them and rebore them to the size that fits your rollers.

I have a spare I can sell you. Contact me off list.

Did no-one do metalwork at school ? I may be forgetting that different subjects to my education but you really should be able to produce these yourselves . Buy at least a good one and before you fit it copy it for next time and there will be a next time .I would get these in phosphor bronze to lengthen the life of the roller cores .Principle being wear the easiest part to replace . No access to bronze then use brass .

Thanks for all your valuable input guys. All great ideas.