Help with our new Kluge

Hi everyone!
We acquired a Kluge last Spring, and we’re trying to get it up and running. Don’t you know, the guy who sold it to us said “it was running just 2 weeks ago.” Yeah, right.

Anyway, I am trying to find a manual somewhere with instructions. Specifically, how does this inking thing work? Where is the throw-off lever?

We have 2 working C&Ps and understand the basics, but obviously this is a much more intricate machine, and we don’t want to run it without proper instruction.

Fritz from NA Graphics has been a huge help in locating parts, but I can’t call him up for every single question!

Thanks so much!
~Beth and Carrie

image: photo 2.JPG

photo 2.JPG

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photo 4.JPG

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Let me know if you need to see any other images. I can take some more.

The impression throwoff should be at the left side of the press between the flywheel and the press just like the C&P. Look to make certain it hasn’t been broken off or removed.

Let people know where you are located, and someone on the list may pop up within driving distance to help you get the old girl running. I noticed on the web page that your C&P presses are both male, in name, so this one, being as yet a bit stand-offish and shy, must be female.

@Jhenry, LOL! actually, we name our presses after the person we bought them from, so the Kluge is “Dave”.

We’re in Columbia, Missouri, or just outside of there. The “broker” on the deal is pretty nearby so we might call him if we can’t figure it out on our own.

Here’s a pic from the left side. I don’t see a throw off lever anywhere. Crap.

image: klugeandthomasprints.jpg


There are Kluge manuals at that will provide some instruction for setting up the feeder and the fountain. Mills “Platen Press Operation” has a good rundown too, if you can find a copy.

The throw off lever looks to be missing. Can’t explain how that happened.

This looks like a D Series from the 60s; we’ve just acquired one of these and are waiting to get it into the shop and figure it out ourselves.

Right above the motor speed control (the crank) there should be two knobs— I believe the lefthand knob is the equivalent of your throw-off lever and controls impression, and the righthand knob is for the feeder, both connected by cable to the appropriate bits and pieces.

She’s not that old to have a throw off. What is the serial #? I only see a switch for turning the motor on/off. I don’t see the knobs that Rick is talking about, but pull one of them for impression only. The other turns the feed and delivery air on. Look under your press and make sure the air pump is hooked up.

Here’s how our press looks, without a throw-off lever: impression on the left, air for feed/delivery on the right.

image: Kluge 12by controls.png

Kluge 12by controls.png

Make sure you put an oil drip pan under your press before you put it on the floor. You will probably want to pin it so it doesn’t walk. That model year kluge doesn’t come with a manual throw off…if the sheet of paper isn’t picked up when feeding, then the press automatically throws itself off impression. Good luck and happy printing.

Awesome! Thank you all! We do have the knobs like you are showing here.

What kind of oil do you guys use for Kluges?

@Girl with a kluge: Serial # is 4MD105101 (I think)

i use a 30 wt. non detergent oil for all my equipment, you can get it at most any hardware store, in a pinch any motor oil is better than no oil.

the left knob (when pulled) makes the press stay on impression all the time. the right knob when pulled starts feeding where press will go on impression automatically, it will go off impression when it misses (does not pick up) a sheet. (when working properly)

Thank you all!!
One more rookie questions….I’m guessing this needs to be wired for 220? We have it wired on 110 now, but our mechanic doesn’t think that’s correct.

We’ve run 10x15 Kluges on 110 for a long time. It might be more cost effective on 220? You’ll have to get the opinion of an electrician on that!
As for a manual, they are available on ebay at times…or…Brandtjen & Kluge…

I have the same exact press, about 15 years ago I took off the ink and put on foil with a full heat plate. This press got me into foiling. It was a great press to learn on. Since then I have added 3 more, a 12x18 and 2 14x20’s. It will take some time to learn how to run the feeder, but it will be worth it, Carl.