Need Rollers for Heid KS Cylinder press

We have a newly acquired Heid Cylinder the Ks Model
We have tapped all of our regular roller core suppliers but can not even find a core to copy.
The rubber will be no problem as we do this on a regular basis.
What we need is finding a sample core to copy or someone who has a complete set of cores

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Try Printers Parts in Toronto.

I haven’t dealt with them but they have advertised that they provide service to Heidelberg letterpresses, so they might have cores or a drawing of a core (I get periodic emails from them). I didn’t see the cores listed on their website but they still might be able to help if you call them. I think Jan is the person to ask for.

Thank You
I will try that

Try Graeme at Whittenburg Inc. He rebuilds a lot of cylinder presses. He will definitely know where to get good rollers for a good price!