C&P Pilot Feed and Delivery Board Size

I’m restoring a C&P Pilot press and it needs both boards. So, what is the original sizes of the feed and delivery boards? I know I can make them any size, but I would like to be as stock as possible.

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your feed board should be deep enough to prevent you from being able to have your hand in the press at the point of crush , what it looks like is irrelevant ,they changed depth from one machine to another as the board depth is regulated by the length of the operators arms . if you put too short a board you increase nip risk , it is in your own interest to put safety in front of aesthetics . There was an image on here referring to this very subject , i would like to think you will take the time to read it and look at the image shown in the illustration .
There can be little more embarrassing than to admit you put your own hand into a press you were treadling with your own foot . About as daft as winding your own hand into a meat mincer !!

Thanks Peter for the info. But on a Pilot press there is no treadle, its a lever press. Just wondering sizes. The board in front of the press is the real question. If you are printing say letterheads, would you turn the paper sideways after printing. If not it could slide off on the floor. To me, the Feed board is on the right side (if you are a right-hand) that is the side you would feed the press. The tray/board in front of the press to me is the Delivery tray/board. I how this makes sense.

Unfortunately i am not sure which are which as it were with a lot of your machines , i would look at the orientation you remove the sheet from the platen in to decide , you dont want to be twisting your wrist to place the sheets down after printing .
other than that it will be down to the sheet size not much point in either board being too much bigger than your platen size.
i like to have the feed stack tilted away from me to help pull sheets from the top of thestack without a second follow it and slide onto the floor ,however that is a choice for yourself.

Check this guy out for feed boards and info.: http://www.briarpress.org/29607