Looking for Pearl no3 chase or repro’s

Howdy everyone,
Like the title says! Mine blew a corner tonight so I am looking for a place to buy a replacement. I vaguely remember seeing a mention once before about someone who made chases on here or am I mis-remembering?

As always any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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you can take it to a welder and he can fix it, i have a few like that

When you had yours welded do you know if they heated the whole piece via oven? Mine was/is original cast iron and I was always under the impression that it had to be uniformly heated and then welded.

Pearl chases are very hard to find, but you can probably find a machinist or someone who can weld cast iron (the chase needs to be heated to do it properly). Personally I would have a pair of chases made out of steel, with lap joints, pinned, and welded, so I wouldn’t run the risk of being caught without a chase at a critical time. The old cast iron chases will eventually fail, as many of us have experienced. A well-made steel chase will last your lifetime and then some.


Hi Paul,
You wouldn’t be happen to be able to post up a pic of one like you described would you? I think it would be in my best interest to have a few made.

This will give you an idea about what can be done by a competent machinist and welder. I do have to allow that this is a much larger chase than you would be looking for, but if you showed this to a machinist they would understand the machining involved.

image: Hoe_chase.JPG


Excellent! Thank you for the image!
I have a 10x15 as well but it needs a great deal of work (think silver solder to remove gouges)
But, I also have a Conrad Dickenson combo press that can do Litho stone so I’ve been wanting to fab up a larger chase to be able to do 2x3’ posters and such.

Again, thank you for the image it will be most useful!

There is one on E-bay now
Item number: 190660736313

BDMateier, your not too far from me, there is a 10x15 Golden for sale in my neighborhood its in a cellar, it comes with a few type cases with type, all for $300. plus 2 chases. located in southeastern Massachusetts.

you know if I could scrap the 10x15 I have right now and have it pay for that purchase, I would.
I just hate the idea of scraping it when all it needs is a bit of serious attention.