learning a kluge

I have been using windmills for foil stamping and die cutting for about 10 years now and we have just purchased a 12x18 Kluge that I really am not sure how to run. Any help in finding information would be welcome. It seems that if you have a windwmill there is a lot of information but not so much on the Kluge.

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Where are you located? Perhaps one of us can visit and give you a few lessons. Although kluges are platen presses the set up and running are very different than an windmill. I have a manual that I would be happy to photocopy and send you.

Boxcar Press has the Kluge manual and various parts lists online at their website:


I am in Greenville NC and will need to learn a great deal about this machine fast. My owner is already making big plans for what he wants me to do with it.

Can anyone tell me if I have the correct delivery arm part here? The one on the left is what I removed from our Kluge D, and the one on the right is the new one I bought from NA Graphics.

It seems obvious to me that they’re not compatible, but maybe I’m missing something? Can anyone tell me what the name of the correct delivery arm is?

Thanks a lot!

image: photo (7).JPG

photo (7).JPG

If you took the one on the left off your kluge that is what you need to replace it with. I might have a spare. You don’t really need two. Just make sure you put a piece of tape over the tubing to the one you are not using. Many times I only use one on my 14x22, That one came with four which I rarely use all 4.