Windmill attachment

I remember seeing an attachment that was screwed on the delivery board for running re-mit eps. I thought they were called christmas trees. I’ve always built up furniture or other objects, but now I have a large quantity and it might go faster with this attachment. Does anyone know where I might find one?

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Do you mean part T1019 an upright stanchion that allows you to run two stacks in the feeder and delivery used with part T1034 in the feeder .??? Doesnt look like a christmas tree though ! Alternatively are you referring to the stanchion that sits on the feed table for running small sheets T1046 all the feed and delivery “extras” are featured on page68 of parts book.

This piece isn’t in the book. Maybe the one i saw was a homemade gizmo. It’s a round tube about 6” high with about 6 or 7 fingers 2” to 3” long that swivel around and it attaches to the screw hole on top of the table.

I am intrigued , letterpress pulls the inventive mind into wake state and i have seen and produced a few odd gizmos in my time but at the moment im still struggling with “re-mit eps ” what is that ?

Sorry about that. They are remittance envelopes and they don’t lay flat especially when loading the press up with 100-200 at a time.

Ah now we are getting there .
Heidelberg made two kinds of feed board one of which you could tilt to create a slope effect ,Look at page 136 in your parts book and read description for T321and322 they also on some early machines had the abillity to tilt back and forth but it was by accident not design as later models were constructed differently and you could not undo a bolt and just tip it !
There is on the market a device called Justfeed systems I do have a set but they are mainly used on litho machines and cost is beyond the hobby printers reach considering that envelopes are rarely printed assembled as it were and a lot of suppliers do supply pre printed for you if the volume is sufficient .
Delivery of the job usually relys on you sticking wedges in receiver tray or rolls of paper but i prefer to re box on the run so im not bored to death !!
Just looked at the spares list again and have now confused myself , there is also a feed table device 611 and 631 so now i am unsure which one would be yor answer .
I will speak to some older dinosaurs in the near future to get a better picture i dont want to miss lead you into hunting for the wrong part , however you at least have a starting point and can put out a word or two to see what survives of the attachments ,they rarely appear i havent seen one for over fifteen years but letterpress carried on in the states for longer and therefore the bits are still kicking about it just a case of recognizing what you see ,
Have just looked in my coveted copy of hints for the pressman and lo and behold parts T321 and 322 are the ones if you have a copy its on page 50, also if you have a scan of it there is a nice guy out there called big old beard that would love a scan of it as he is about to learn the platen and would appreciate a copy .

Hello, yes, they are called Christmas Trees. I have a couple of them in the shop. Called “Christmas Trees” because you hang stuff on them….mainly envelope flaps. I think I have a factory one (Heidelberg made) but the others are home made. They are made of a base that you clamp to the feed table, an upright rod over which collars (spacers) and a steel “Wing” or “flap” are alternately placed over the rod. They are in many shops and are very helpful when running stock such as bags and remits.

Carl do you have a part no? I suspect i may have the rods and The bit i cant get out of is that the rods and stands i have are actualy fitted by bolting to the slots in the machine base and run up through the feed or delivery boards but in my uses they are for printing wierd shapes llike wine bottle neck labels .

Peter, I just checked the Heidelberg parts book and came up with a ZERO I’m going to the shop later today, I will find them and see if there are any part numbers on them. These “Christmas Trees” attach to the feed table. They don’t project through the feed table. I will check ‘em today and get back this evening. Carl

Thank you both for your time. I will be waiting patiently.

There are many accessories not shown in the parts book
but then necessity caused introduction of gadgets of all shapes and sizes one cant be familiar with all of them .
i will also look with interest at your devices i still run these machines industrially and every hint and tip has many alternative uses !

please email or call whittenburg inc on monday, i am sure we have the attachment you are talking about, we will take a picture of it and email it to you to be certain we are talking about the same part.

Theres your answer !!
I am sitting with two other dinosaurs at this minute and between us have 135 years in print and the only christmas tree we know is spiky and goes in the house at xmas!!

Oddly enough, the special attachments for the 10 x 15 Windmill tend to fall into the land of hyperexotica. The remittance envelope printing attachment is pretty much like the “Christmas Trees” mentioned above. I have only seen one of these appear on Ebay, but wouldn’t think it would be too hard to fabricate one from scratch.

I also believe that the attachment is illustrated in the back of the operator’s manual (though my manual is hiding at present). The round standards (2) and the center feeding and delivery dividers from printing 2 up are standard items for the press, I believe.

The attachments featured in the operators manuals rear pages are listed as group parts the group No in instruction changes although the attachment is often the same with the exception of the really special lays which as well as rare in the second hand market are horribly expensive , so much so that when we used the tilt top or angled lays we had to sign them out of stores for use .
There is an odd bar that screws horizontally into the side stanchion of the delivery we always referred to it as the tipper or envelope closer im sure this isnt going to be the part referred to above but if it turns out to be this bit i will feel a proper plonker !!!

Hello, well I went to work, I found 4 of the “Christmas Trees” three of ‘em are all the same, and the fourth is of the same in design but of a different manufacture. There are designed to attach to the feed table, they measure 9.5 inches in height,have 10 fingers spaced aprox 7/8” apart. Fingers swing out of the way if you don’t want to use all of them.The base that would attach to the table measures 1” wide, 1/4” thick and 6” long with a slot in it to accomidate a mounting screw to the table. If you would like one, make me an offer. cell 559 730-1596 Carl.

Heidelberg Windmill attachment as shown in the photo is the part we believe you are looking for, contact whittenburg Inc 615-212-0015 for price and further information.

image: Part - briar 1.JPG

Part - briar 1.JPG

wowzers, would be interested to see this in action.

Yep, got 4 of ‘em. Used them for years, a real time saver. I have used then to feed remits on a Chief 15 (offset press), and have even used them on a Miehle Vertical. I think back in my high school days(1960’s) I even used one on a Little Giant #6 in my dads garage. Picture that Whittenburg is showing is a bit confusing. (I say confusing because in the photo the fingers are in all directions… in use the fingers would be lined on top of one another supporting the rear flaps of the remits) In practice the base is attached to the feed table on a heidelberg using the hole that is tapped into the feed table. On other presses (Chief and Miehle you would simply C-Clamp it to the feed table. The fingers swing around their axis, you would load aprox 3/4 inch worth of remits at a time to keep the stack level… then swing another finger around and load another 3/4 inch…..load as many remits as you like as the device is aprox. 9.5 ” tall. Device is also great when feeding other uneven items, such as tags, small display easels… let your mind wander…it will work on that job too. Carl