Printing Gold Ink

My customer would like her wedding invitations printed in gold ink. The effect/colour she is after is in the photo attached.

Would anyone be kind enough to either recommend or even better, send me some of their gold ink - more than willing to contribute to cost and P&P (I’m in the UK) - unfortunately I can only source 1kg tins which will take more than a lifetime to use.

Thanks in advance

image: gold letterpress.jpg

gold letterpress.jpg

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Send an address to me offline and ill send you some tomorrow I have a tin of 872 and 876 spare (1kg) not sure how much is left in them but let me know and i can have fun flopping some into a tobacco tin or something for you .
Have just looked at the guide the 876 is more coppery than gold but the 872 is a gold for sure .


You can order a tube of gold ink from Caslon Ltd, London.

Just google Caslon.

search the forums for tips on ;printing gold. You’ll regret it if you don’t as you wont get the gold to print as it looks in your picture.

also T N Lawrence and son sell tubes, Hawthorn Printmakers inks come in various golds 225 gms tins..

The better gold inks had more pigment and therefore cost more. Most gold inks will die on uncoated stock. The techniquie I learned was to print yellow first. Clean the press without taking the chase out (this allows it to stay in precisely the same place). Allow yellow to dry and then print gold over the yellow.
You may wish to go to the art store and purchase a small tube of gold paint. Probably acrylic. You have a large area of ink coverage and the gold paint may not dry as fast as printers’ ink. Thus, I urge slip sheeting and taking the printed sheets away in small lifts. Be patient and allow to dry as many days as possible.

I’ll try the ”2 colour” method sometime soon, but have just thought, what would be the difference to doing it with gold twice. Wouldn’t this solve the same problem but the first gold layer would be a better match, to gold.

For a nice effect, print using yellow or gold ink, with some varnish added to it, sprinkle the freshly printed sheets with the fine metallic powder that you get from good art stores, leave it to dry overnight and dust off the remaining stuff. This has been already discussed here, have a look at some of the pictures that Jens from Denmark posted on Flickr as well.

When I learned the yellow and gold technique in school many years ago, the gold ink was very good and came in two parts - the pigment and the vehicle. It was good pigment and expensive. Thus we used the yellow to seal the paper first. It was cheap.
Gold twice will work.
I would like to hear if anyone knows of an ink manufacturer who make the two part ink. Van Son used to, but I think no longer does.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the advice. I contacted Caslon and they have half a dozen different shades of gold, unfortunately their minimum order is a 1kg tin at £30 + P&P.

If it helps, I do have “quarter pound” tubes (actually about 7 oz. for the metallics) of ink available, and including shipping to you from the U.S. the total would be under $30, perhaps that’s better than £30+? Pantone 871 through 876 available, and these should give the effect you want with a single pass. E-mail me at Ink(at) if you’d like a list or more info.

Dave (the Ink in Tubes Guy)

Inky you are referring to rich gold paste and gloss overprint varnish , A small tin of the paste weighs about 11/2 lb .
We have some lurking i used to bolster up the mixed with it but it has a tendency to rub . A sort of dry set off in simple terms .