Anyone casting Stephenson-Blake types?

I was wondering if anyone in the UK (or elsewhere) is casting any of the Stephenson-Blake types.

Does anyone have any info? (eg. where the matrices are located, etc).



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If I’m not mistaken, the matrices are at the Type Museum in London.

Thanks Thomas.

Can/will the Type Museum lease them out (and make a bunch of money) ?


Thomas, check with Ed at Swamp Press, he has more mats than God, and he is not too far from us, central Massachusetts, he casts monotype and sells fonts.

Thomas is not mistaken- the matrices are at the Type Museum. I would be extremely surprised if anyone else at all had any faces; there may be some home-made electros around, I guess.

I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets by saying that casting SB type is one of the things the Type Archive plans for the future, but some way in the future.

@DickG: Thanks for the info. I get most of my Monotype from Ed at Swamp Press (since he is local).

@handandeyefoundry: Thanks for the confirm about the SB matrices. It would fantastic if the SB types were cast again. I for one would be interested in getting some. How can potential buyers “motivate” the Type Archive to start ?


I think the realistic option is to gift them around £15 million to allow all the necessary building works and staff needed to run the place…

I can do £15, but £15 million is over my budget :-)

But seriously, has anyone in the UK looked at the very possibility of casting SB again?



Sounds like a Kickstarter project…

@interrobang: That’s a *excellent* idea! (Why didn’t I think of it).

Jeez … I’m going to have to create a permanent line item in my budget for Kickstarter projects … :-)


Just as a follow-up, I did some googling and found this 2006 appraisal report for the type museum, which mentions the SB Collection:

Worth reading. It certainly answered a lot of my questions :-)


Yes, they are in London, here’s a photo proof i did: