Is NA Graphics still operational ?

Hi Everyone

Is NA Graphics still open as a business ? Has there been a tragedy ?
Fritz kindly offered to help to custom make some rollers and trucks for my unique Letterpress saying that there was a 3/4 week turnaround.
I sent all the specs to him about 7 weeks ago now so I thought I should contact him to see where it was at.I have been trying to email him, regularly, for almost a fortnight now but no response !?
Does anyone here know Fritz ?

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Have you tried calling? Fritz doesn’t seem to have enough help out there so sometimes it can be difficult to wrangle custom work.

You may find it easier using NA Graphics for off the shelf orders and a specialty place like RAMCO for custom rollers and trucks.


E-mail me, I would be happy to make them and return your E-mails.

Call him. I talked with Fritz on Tue evening

Thanks for your comments everyone.
I have been tempted to order my parts elsewhere and may contact you soon Todd.
I just wanted to know if Fritz was still operational as I didn’t want to go ahead and order rollers and trucks from someone else if they are already in the process of being made by NA. Just trying to do the right thing……on the other hand I have a large,restored press taking up floor space,waiting and not earning any money.

Call him. He’s not always great at keeping up with email but I’ve never had any problem calling him and getting him on the phone.