Adana Quarto

Have recently acquired an Adana Quarto 10 X 7 if very good condition. Rollers are very good condition. I would like to find out the value of this press.

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I paid $150 for mine and another $100 for new rubber rollers.


Good catch. Would love to acquire of one of those presses.

Have one in good condition that I would like to sell. Send me an email and I will post a picture.

One of these sold recently for £1300 but i would not buy one for that money when i have never paid more than 300 for a heidelberg platen!!

I’d really like to see a picture of this, I’d love to add one of these to my burgeoning Adana collection.

Kent pteradactyl.
do an e bay search there will be one somewhere but they seem to have become ridiculously expensive despite the rarity of them . They work well but i think the rollers need more weight in them for them to be better still.

Thanks Peter, I’ve done some judicious Googling now. Definitely going to keep my eye on here and ebay, as I’d really like one of these.

Glutton for punishment huh !!

If you get one Kent pteradactyl the rollers are only for decoration, hand ink the work.
The flatbed went through many versions.
You can view a few of the different models that have been on eBay here.

That’s funny — I printed a very credible small book on my Adana HQ using the two rollers I bought for it with the inking system Adana furnished and I was quite happy with the inking. It does require rather frequent re-inking, but so does my Sigwalt Nonpareil under the same sort of circumstances. I think Adana did a remarkable job with the HQ.


I think its a good machine ,the eccentric on the hinge of the platen is a brilliant idea , the fault i see in them is the rollers need to be heavier , we use one at amberley museum for the children to print an A5 sheet of card with a random line image and a few lines of type as a keepsake ,because of the mixed matter in the form there is an obvious need for a little weight in the ink train that they lack . With a thicker steel shaft in the roller it would be much improved .