Heidelberg Lessons in Toronto?

I recently purchased a Heidelberg 10x15. I’m in the process of setting it up and replacing/acquiring the parts that I know are broken/missing, but unless something broke in transit, it should be in working order. I’ll know for sure once the electrical is connected.

I’ve never operated a Heidelberg so the only experience I’m able to get is from YouTube which isn’t extremely helpful.

I’m looking for someone nearby who can either come by and show me the basics or someone who I can watch work on their own Heidelberg, preferably somewhere nearby-ish. If you’re out there, let me know and we can discuss details.


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I would wait till you get some instruction and someone to look at it, before you turn it on. Something loose or broken could be very dangerous to your health.

I would take Mike up on his offer, I purchased dies from him in the past, very helpful and knows his stuff. Probably worth the drive out there before you turn it on.

I would suggest turning the press over by hand for quite a few times before hooking up the motor. There is a lot to be learned by seeing things move. And you need to get the drive belt off when hooking up the motor anyway, to make sure the direction is right. So oil her up and with the impression off, turn and turn the flywheel. Maybe even put a sheet in the grippers. I’m teaching myself feeding the press, wearing out a stack of paper. I found a lot of valuable content on this site, just search specifically for Heidelberg platen.