Dampened stock on a windmill

I’m wondering if it’s possible to feed dampened stock on a Heidelberg 10x15 windmill. I’ve been successful using it on a hand press, Vandercook and C&P. Do the grippers leave a mark that needs trimming?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Sure you can. It might be a little curly so you will need to roll it/decurl the paper. As for the grippers leaving a mark…it depends on how thick the paper is. Why don’t you do a test run? You don’t even have to lock anything up in the chase.

I have run dampened stock on my Little Giant press and found it best to run in small batches. The blower at the front of the stack tends to dry out the paper. If you run smaller lifts, the paper doesn’t have the time in front of the blower to have any effect.

I assume the same would be true for a Windmill.

John Henry

Thanks. I’ll take both your suggestions: small batches and just try it…