Tonnage required for embossing 24pt sheet

Recently picked up a used 14x22 Kluge (with double arm pull and dwell impression).

I am hoping to be able to emboss a full size pattern in 13x18 sheets of 24pt card stock. I am still in the process of setting up the machine as it sat for a number of years.

Before I go out and make the dies any thoughts on whether this machine has enough tonnage to emboss this much. One guy that a Kluge (newer) doesn’t think it will be possible?

Any thoughts?

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How deep is the embossing going to be? You are pushing it with that big of a die. There will be 1/4-1/2 inch non image all away around they die, which doesn’t leave much room for gripper bars, side guide, drop guides, or a tongue. You might have areas on the die that are hotter or colder (outside edges of the die compared to the middle). You will need to dome your makeready, the center of the image will be lower than the outside edges because of the clam shell action. Is the image such that you could embossed it as a work and whirl?