Excelsior Press Chase Base or similar?

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Alan at Excelsior Press other than the online form? I’ve been trying to get a Chase Base from him for my Pearl #3 (7x11) for a while now.

Or is there some other place that makes something similar?


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You may be able to reach him at 908 627-2730. I don’t know if that’s current, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks, John!

i have Alan’s hot line, if you can’t reach him in the next couple of days let me know and i’ll give him heck.

Alan’s a great guy, but he is definitely hard to get ahold of and so busy he can’t keep track of everything. He’s one of those people where persistence pays off. I’ve got one of his richlite bases and it’s nice. Solid, smooth, and perfect height. I’ve got a couple of pictures up on my Flickr account.


With the size of your chase, you may have a quicker time getting a block base from him as I did. It doesn’t replace the chase as his usual bases do, but it’s cheaper and faster to get as he doesn’t have to mill the tapered edges and cut-ins into it. Mine’s a bit bigger than he’d normally provide for a chase my size but so far it’s worked fine and meant I didn’t have to wait until he had a chance to cut one down for me.

@dickg - Would you mind giving Alan a nudge for me? I last wrote to him on 8/27/12 and ordered the following:

1. Full Kit chase base for a Pearl #3 - size 7x11.
2. Van Son Rubber Base basic colors 4 can kit - $16.50 (Blue, Yellow, Red Pepper, and Opaque White).
3. Rubber Base Black ($4.50)
4. Transparent mixing white ($4.50)
5. Overprint Varnish ($4.50)
6. Flexible Ink knife ($4.95)

Thank you!!

Actually, I just saw his note online that says he’ll be out of touch until Oct 1. Hoping to hear from him soon!
Thanks again!

He did just buy a house, if he don’t get to you in early October i’ll bug him for you.

Thank you!

@dickg - Can I take you up on your offer to nudge Alan along? I still haven’t heard from him.


Erin, i’ll give him a call today.

Erin -

Well, it worked. Dick just called and we spent some time talking about printing presses, line casters, barns and land. - and the joys and challenges of home ownership and all the new chores required to maintain 3.5 acres of trees and lawns…

And, he got me to log in to Briar Press to see this thread.

We have finished moving out of the old place and will likely be unpacking for the next few years, but my part is complete for the most part; I got the stuff here and safely stored. But that sure was a project. Between finding the house & land, arranging for a mortgage, closing and then finally moving everything (myself), I’ve been “out of the shop” since July.

And, now that I am back at work, I’m doing a lot of catching up. For the next week, I’ll be printing, organizing inventory and restocking the shelves. I’ll also resume making chase-bases to fill existing orders (from some *very* patient people).

I’ll need to make your #3 Pearl Chase-Base - and will have to check stock to make sure that I have blanks prepared for the #3 size, but everything else is in stock.

But I have plugged your order “into the system” so that it will not be misplaced, and I will begin filling orders beginning tomorrow. There are quite a few on the list - and many dozens of other contact form inquiries and orders to process, so it may still take some time to keep all the promises I have made - and to get your kit on its way to you, but I will do my best.

- Alan

Hi Alan,

Thanks so much for the response! I totally understand and see that you have your hands full. Thank you very much for adding me to the list and putting my order “into the system.” I know this is probably impossible to answer, but do you have an idea of when you think you’ll be able to get to my chase base? I’ve got a couple of projects coming up that I’d love to use my press for, but I understand if I’m down on the waiting list. Just an idea of time would be great!

Thanks again and good luck with all of your moving and settling in!

@Dick - Thank you very much for giving Alan a call for me. You rock!!


Hi Alan!

I just wanted to check in because I will be moving soon. Do you know if I will receive my order before Christmas? Please email me when you have a moment.