Cutting sticks


I have a new-to-me Peerless Gem paper cutter. I’m wondering about cutting sticks. I find many plastic ones on line. The cutter I’ve been using uses quarter sawn maple sticks. I’m looking for information on which would preserve the sharpness of the blade. The plastic ones would be easier to get; the maple seems more suitable to the cutter. Any thoughts? If plastic, what ones are best?


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i don’t think it matters, the plastic works well, the wood sticks i haven’t seen in a long time. what is the size of your cutting sticks, i have some that are an odd size ( i think they are 5/8”), i’ll give them to whoever can use them, i’ll even cut them to any length you need, just pay for the postage.

Sold, if they are 1/2”! Thanks, dickg.

these are bigger than 1/2”. I think NA Graphics might sell cutting sticks.

Well, my new-to-me Oswego Machine Works made Brown & Carver Hand-Lever cutter, serial #1408, uses 3/4” by 26 1/2” cutter sticks. I have one side left on the stick that came with it so I haven’t sourced a supplier yet.

Also, by the way, does anyone have any info on these cutters? I had never even hear of them until I found this at a yard sale of all places.

Thank you

Little Acorn, the cutting sticks i have came from a 38” oswego cutter, they might be 3/4”, i think they are 40” long, but i can cut them down to fit your cutter, i will measure them today, if you are interested you can have them for the postage, or if close you can pick them up here in southeastern Massachusetts.

These cutting sticks are 3/4” by 38-5/8” long. none of them have been used, i have 9 of these, they are yours for the postage to ship them to you. Let me know. Dick G.