Vandercook vacuum base


I have a 219AB and it has the large steel base with the diagonal grooves. I’m not sure if this is a vacuum base or a toggle base. I have no toggle hooks for it so I suppose I should find those.

But my question is this - how does the Vandercook vacuum base work?

Thanks in advance

~ josh

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Even my vacuum base has the slots for toggles, but not the diagonal ones. It has a vacuum hose attachment at the foot end of the bed that clears the dead bar. This attaches to a vacuum motor that was mounted on a bracket below the bed extension.

I can only find one photo that sort of shows this and it is pretty bad. That’s the vacuum pump sitting on the floor.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Ok Dan. I’m coming to see that thing. I think it may be what I need!

~ josh


it sounds like what you have is a PMC Warnock base.

Gerald shows the hooks that would be used:


Vandercook had their own plate base with diagonal grooves, more likely to find that with a Vandercook than Warnock base. The difference is obvious in that Warnock base only has diagonal grooves where the Vandercook base has straight grooves as well as diagonal grooves. The Vandercook system could also use their special punch and register pins for multicolor forms.