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I’m lucky enough to be getting a sizable donation of old type from my local newspaper and they understandably want a value for taxes. I’ve read good information on here about valuing presses but I don’t know where to start to value a drawer of type or case with 40 drawers of type or a few boxes of wood type or a case of furniture. Unfortunately the wood type sets are missing a couple of letters and they aren’t Q. Any leads would be helpful to give the newspaper a fair value.

image: IMG_4056.JPG


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Maybe check some average prices on eBay or other auctions. I’d guess, in general, a font goes for around $200 average. Some much more, some less. The more rare (usually ornate stuff) can be upwards of $4-500.

I’m no CPA, but can the newspaper take a deduction for donating this if you’re not a non-profit?

Also, totally jealous. :-)

Many newspapers are non-profit organizations these days.

But actually, it is my understanding that the newspaper should be able to claim the depreciated value as a donation to a non-profit organization. I’m not sure market value plays a part, but certainly folks can be “creative” in tax matters.

Like jonsel, I’m no CPA, but have been involved in such donations in the past.

Thanks for your help. I’ll do some digging and just not worry too much about accuracy. Cheers.

The pricing suggested above would really only apply to the cases of wood type. The the value of lead type in cases varies tremendously based on such factors as the amount of type in each case (full vs. very sparce), the design of the type itself (classic face vs. pedestrian crap), the shape that the type is in (clean and sharp vs. worn-out and dirty), etc.

Location, location, location. If you can tell us where this is located perhaps someone who reads this might be nearby and offer to look at it and give you a reasonable estimate - or someone here might to able to suggest such a person in your area.

If have done this in the past if the type and equipment are located a reasonable distance from me (central Iowa).


I just hope they don’t end up on Ebay sold by the letter, so hard to find complete sets.

The metal type is in a variety of states. Some drawers look full and others sparse. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the wood type isn’t complete - that’s a real bummer. Perhaps when it gets cleaned out the missing pieces will show up. I’m in northern wisconsin. Probably not close to anyone.