Grandpas printer

I have an old printer. At least 50 years old. little Giant LG5873 American Type Founder Inc. readington Counter Webendorfer, Mt Vernon, NY. I don’t know if is worth anything. Or who would be interested in buying it. It is good condition. Also a cutter and several print cases wood and metal.

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I wish you the best, since I’m too far away to bid— but a Little Giant is a good press, and it’s NOT a printer—that’s the person who runs it! My best advice is to put an ad on Briar Press and see who answers. I bet somebody will.

However— you’d darn well better put a location in your ad! Presses are heavy, and any buyer will need that information to assess whether or not they will be willing to travel the distance to pick up the press. Generally, the heavier the press, the less it should cost, due to the difficulties of moving it ;)

Good luck!

Lady Di,
Your grandpa’s press is a no. 4 model, made around 1941. The serial numbers and a picture of my no. 4 can be found on this website:

Depending on its condition, it can be a good production press for the right person. Where are you located?

Wow John, is your Chandler and Price Cylinder in working condition? That is a rare machine! Looks like you have a neat collection of presses.

Yes, the Chandler and Price cylinder press runs and feeds fine. It has pressure oiling via metal tubes; one is broken. The main switch needs to be replaced. One of only about 330 made; I know of 2 or 3 of them still around. 12 x 18.

Grandpa press. Is in NJ in a garage. Also cabinet and a Paper cutter.

image: Cabinet


image: image.jpg


image: image.jpg


I’d love to have a nice and affordable paper cutter.

ugh. why does everything have to be up north! would be a neat acquisition, but shipping that sucker to FL would be a nightmare. : P

Simple solution, just move up north.