need supplier for photographs engraved to copper plates

I am looking for a supplier that can convert my b&w photos to either simply “K” black plates to do letter press images of photographs on a letterpress. If copper is too expensive can i use rubber plates or ? Who can make these for me from my BW imagery? Attached is an example of a Black plate I found in a salvage yard of an old ad, this is what I want to do with my photographs. Id imagine the line screen for this attached art is no finer than 133 dpi? Thank you.

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This is the copper plate and pulled print, what are options to copper?

image: Letterpress plate-print reduced.jpg

Letterpress plate-print reduced.jpg

You can use mag dies or even photopolymer. I get my mag dies from Owosso, they will make copper also, for poly dies everyone uses Boxcar, their contact info is in the yellow pages on this site.