Making Ink Shiny

If possible, I want to print black ink on black paper and create a “shiny” finish to the ink. I know that if the paper has a gloss finish, I can deboss the image. But, if the paper is “flat” is there something that can be added to create a gloss finish to the printed character? Thanks. Neil

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Print with a high gloss varnish ???

you could try raised printing.

Good point , thermo it .

if you raise print it with just a little too much heat the powder will fall back flat and glossy, might work.

Or you can just try adding varnish to the already black ink. Also, it’s worth noting that oil based inks are generally glossier than rubber based inks. Especially with a little bit of litho varnish Number 5 added.

Here’s a ‘sticky’ approach: Once the initial image has dried, over-print with ordinary corn syrup. Of course this method requires the registration be exact, and it does require a good press clean-up. But it does work. A dryer can be added to the syrup, but as most hobby printers don’t have varnish it is unlikely such is available either. Surprisingly, the syrup dries fairly quickly - especially when accelerated under a heat source. And no, the press does not need to be ‘re-inked’ with the syrup; simply apply a charged brayer to the mounted form.

Transparent white ,its one from the mix set ?

Thanks all. Neil

Another trick, used in the distant past to burnish metallic bronzing powders, is just hit it again, without ink.