Help ID a press item

I received this item in a box of press “stuff”. Does anyone know what it is?

Thank you for your help!

image: UnidentifiedPressItem.JPG


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Hopefully your picture will spur someone into coming up with an ID for you.


I will hazard a guess that it is part of a clutch mechanism, probably for a larger C & P. The teeth will mate with similar teeth on the part that does not move. The bolt, when loosened, will allow you to move this piece one or more clicks and then will be firmly in place when tightened. It is not an adjustment that needs to be made frequently. It may be that it needs to be adjusted as the clutch shoes wear.

Have seen this principle, exactly as above, where occasional but precise, and positive adjustment is required, used extensively in a wide range of applications, here in U.K. Our most noteable, (but rarely seen, may be different down home!) pedal cycle saddle adjustment, exactly as Inky suggests, only times 2 either side, and underneath the saddle!!! And “nice one” Foolproof/ Wonder how many of yours and our Countrymen & Women it will “REGISTER” with!!!

have seen this principle DELETE

to all

I hesitate to make this comment:

What dimension? How far from one hole to another? Or include a rule with inches or cm (identify which) in the pic.


It is similar to a base for a drafting lamp, with an under-desk mount. I have a couple Dazor lamps using teeth like this but they are wall-mount. The teeth allow the lamp to set at different angles.

It looks like a part for turning the ink plate like on a C&P where the inner part goes clockwise and the outer part goes anticlockwise through a set of gears about that size, just maby Dave

If it is about 3” across, could it be part of the brake mechanism for a bicycle?