Breaking the rules

I reckon Vita would have been ok with me touching it.

image: hogarth.jpg


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Sissinghurst by any chance???

Yes indeed.
I am a huge fan of Vita and Virginia and Bloomsbury in general.

As an interesting aside, apparently the National Trust are about to embark upon a restoration project to get the Minerva platen back up and running.

I have the model with four discs i am struggling to locate a chase for the old girl . The discs are one large with three rotating within it , Ithink its bigger than the one over there although my memory of it is scant .
have you checked out the whitbread brewery site they had letterpress displayed there a few years back ,I had thought of a browse round the place for some time but not got round to that yet , Always too many other distractions when up there .

Yes, just two discs there, and not sure they’re in a fit state to rotate :( hopefully with a bit of elbow grease she’ll be back up and running though.

I’d love to see / see a pic of the four disc version.

Whitbread brewery sounds like it would be a fun trip.

Will get a pic sorted and have the man post it .
Its the hop farm ,couldnt think of that bit the other night !