600 gsm paper does not corner round

I am trying to corner round some invitations that were printed on Crane Lettra 600 gsm. However my corner rounder- Challenge foot operated with newly sharpened blades tears the thick paper or squishes the first 2 and then crushes the sides. It is not a clean cut. Is this typical of the thick paper? Suggestions- I need to get this job finished asap.

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Soft papers tend to crush. I find it helpful to put an uncut sheet of boxboard under the stack for support, and only cut a stack of a half dozen.

I just had two corner cutters sharpened and they still pulled at the stack. I dressed the edges with a ceramic rod to get the edges razor sharp and that helped quite a bit. I’d carefully check the edges for any burrs the shop may have left on the edges.

If the sides are getting touched, the gauges may need adjusting.

Thanks AnonyMouse, What do you mean by dressing the edges with a ceramic rod? Perhaps I can use a leather strap with some jewelers rouge to fine sharpen it. It looks rough not really smooth.

I use a short 1/4” ceramic rod, origins unknown. But there are many sharpening rods available for kitchen and knife enthusiasts.

Stropping might help , but it may be difficult to dress the inside radius.

Maybe this:


Or this: