Mag storeage options

Good evening
I have a newbie style question.
Within the next three weeks I will be bringing home a model Linotype 5 and a dozen or so magazines.
A GREAT big thanks to Mike L. from Washington, Iowa for passing the torch to me. He has entrusted me with the care of this jewel. I do not want to let him down!

Question is? What are my options as far as storing the magazines? I assume that some sort of racks were used.


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They are called Reid Racks, used to hold the magazines.
I usually see them available to the person buying the magazines. Maybe place a want ad for them. Check e-bay.
I know where you can get a linotype Model 32, in Minnesota. Aimed at the scrap yard.
Good Luck


Thanks! Now I know what to look for.
Can you send me the info on the model 32?


The good news is that you can put Linotype magazines in just about any rack, whereas Intertype magazines need to be loaded in the belt equipped racks only.

With a dozen magazines, you can even build your own, and there’s certainly no crime in having magazines against the wall in the short term—though it become a real PITA if you need the font that happened to be in the back of the stack : < ))

One of my first jobs when i graduated from high school was running a model 5 linotype, i learned on that machine. I have an Intertype G4 mixer free for the taking, i have had no takers and sadly by the end of the month it will be scrapped, i have spent a year cleaning and trying to get it running but these mixers are hard to maintain.

A long time ago, (and of course with Me everything!!! etc etc) I built 2 racks, one for the Monotype Diecases to accomodate 50-60 diecases and wedges, and as the normal wedges were longer than the diecases (in depth) my construction was like a giant harmonica, with the wedges immediately above the relevant diecase(s) but in little pidgeon holes laid at 30 degrees, so that the rack only occupied 9 inches in depth. ..O.K. I lost 4-5 wedge spaces at one end but utilised the diecase slots for duplicates that had no wedge(s)>> And reproduced 2 or 3 for local typecasting firms.>>>Monotype produced beautiful all purpose cabinets from their equally amazing Woodworking Machine shop, in Redhill Surrey U.K.!! but were limited in capacity!!!>>>RE LINOTYPE magazine storage racks, (I probably “borrowed” the idea/principal) I made my Lino Mag storage rack by constructing every slightly biased, (from The Upright!!)***See Footnote*** divider by incorporating ordinary sliding door track with channel to accomodate magazine width?? to facilitate sliding in and out, and also stuck approx 1 inch wide nylon rub strips???>>>PAY ATTENTION PETER I probably invented metal on nylon, as a virtually friction free system, 40 years before current Artificial Ice Rinks, as now??? ***This system was also used on/for the Heavy Steel forme racks for the BIG machine(s), when the Heavy formes were transported from the bed(s) of the machine on an Hydraulic Transporter from the horizontal to the NEAR vertical and slid in on steel rollers, built into the rack. The transporter had built in rollers, as did the rack, so even with a 32 page, forme (or bigger) the stone hands, or comps did not get hernias???

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