interesting picture

One Picture of very many, if it should be of interest

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O.K., O, K. I blew it!!! As (THE) Michael Winner said “Calm down Dear(s) its a Commercial” *If it aint got a Monotype symbol on the QUERTY keyboard!* I dont know how, talk me through it, PLEASE, perhaps.

When posting images, make sure the file-name doesn’t have anything but alphanumeric characters, so no spaces or symbols. If that doesn’t do it, try resizing the image and upload again.

Also, once you have selected the file from your hd, make sure you click the “Attach Selected File” button, I’ve forgotten more than once.

Kimaboe, i think it might be too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Kimaboe, Thank you, now I have something to go on and can have it translated into which keys to depress, or not, to transfer to the attachments file!!! I am sure that at least some of my press related pictures will be of interest. And Dick you might just be wrong,!! Last year, on our dedicated Print Weekend at the Museum, this grey, oily haired, (as in blue rinse, only oily Monotype instead) old F**T, who thought He new it all, or nearly all, about Monotype, got severely shot down by an amazing Lady, (visitor) who was on the assembly line for Monotype 60 years back, This Old Dog, in One hour, did learn some new angles/tricks, which have probably never been recorded, some of which are in my custody for safe keeping and passing on,? God And Tolbert Lanston willing!!! Thank You, Mick