Hand presses in Australia

I’m interested in information about any hand presses anywhere in Australia. As part of the worldwide census of Columbian hand presses I’ve learned about a German named Carl Kornhardt who went from Zorge, Germany to Adelaide, South Australia in 1847 and started a German newspaper there. He took a hand press that had been made in Zorge, either a Columbian or a Hagar. I would love to find one or the other wherever it wound up. The Hagar has a toggle like the Hoe Smith press. I’d be grateful for any information about any Australian hand presses.


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I remember a Columbian in the foyer of the Government Printing Office in Sydney NSW. This was in the 60’s - 70’s. I imagine the Powerhouse Museum has it now. Back in Letterpress days they had quite a few handpresses in use in the composing rooms as proof presses.
I think the English Dept of Tasmanian University had a handpress and was in use. That was the 1980’s.

This photo has always baffled me.


Im pretty sure Richard Jermyn has one (he’s in Pambula but is not on the Internet as far as I know).
Also there’s one in Brisbane with Strong Arm Press (?).

I may have seen one when driving past the (closed) Historic museum in Stanthorpe last week…then again it could have been a laundry press :D


The College of Fine Arts in Paddington, Sydney has a beautiful Columbian and the Penrith Printing Museum has an Albion. I am pretty sure I did also see a Columbian in the Powerhouse Museum archives which is probably being stored in the their Castlehill facility… just googled it and it comes up here -> http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=244452