is Alan Runfeldt (The Excelsior Press) still selling parts?

ive been trying to contact Alan Runfeldt at The Excelsior Press and have not received any responses. i want to get a tympan starter set for my C&P 8x12, a platen leveling kit and some other small parts. does anyone have better contact info for him? i did not see a phone number on his site. if not does anyone know where to get a tympan starter set like they sell?

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No, The Excelsior Press is Alan Runfeldt, he is one hard old guy to get a hold of, I happen to have a hot line direct to him and will call him for you tomorrow, i’ll make sure he contacts you soon.

Short answer is that Alan’s always got more in his plate than any sane person should have to deal with, but he’s good people and really knows his stuff. If Dick can’t roust him, drop me a line and I’ll try poking him.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Ha! (big smile from the old man…)

Yes, I am alive and well, and as Dick and Michael point out, sort of have my hands full with a lot going on here at the Excelsior Press as well as at our new home (since last summer). Our home is right across the road from the farm where the shop has been since 1986, so I jump back and forth between “home” and “shop” projects every day.

This coming week, for example I have three sessions scheduled with returning students who need a bit of help with some jobs that exceed the capabilities of their equipment. I also need to change the water filters for our well pump, get ready to assemble two sheds for the yard, and do some repair work on one of my trusty old Cub Cadet tractors… and figure out why I have only one pumpkin growing in a patch that should have a dozen based upon the rapid growth of the vines (too much nitrogen in the soil, I think…)

Plus, I continue to do job printing as well, which is a business in itself. Getting the jobs printed, shipped and invoiced - and making, packing, shipping and invoicing parts and supplies to other printers takes a lot of time as well. - and now I am heading into my annual “busy season” with one long and recurring multi-order job which I’ve been doing every autumn for the past 37 years or so…

Hey, I’m just an old man in a print shop doing what he can to make ends meet and share the knowledge I somehow picked up over the years and enjoy the precious time with my type, my presses and my students…

It is hard to keep up with new inquiries, and I must admit to working a bit more slowly than I did in the past now that I’m into my 60’s - and have a a family and a home and some land - and bit less time and energy than I had when I was younger.

But I did find Kevin’s message on Aug 7 and have responded and will be getting him the items he needs.

I hate to say it, but must remind everyone that The Excelsior Press is not and I can’t respond to all inquiries and fill orders within 24 hours or less. But I do endeavor to do my best.

I’m here this morning because I received a link to this post from someone I’m currently helping with inking issues on her press. She thought it was funny, so I stopped by to view the post and remind everyone that I am indeed alive and well and continue to be just about as busy as an old printer with a lot of projects can be…

But I must admit that it’s my own fault. For some reason, I seem to think I can be John Barret, Fritz Klinke, John Falstrom, Dick Goodwin, Paul Moxon, Steve Robinson and the entire Kelsey Company all wrapped up into one man. I know I can’t, but I do my best…

Now, I’ve got to go and get back to work. Daylight is wasting, as the old farmers hereabouts like to say…

Happy Printing!
- Alan

Has anyone had an update from Alan?
I ordered some parts from him and received a message that they would be ready in about a week, but that was about 3 weeks ago now. Has anyone heard anything?

I am waiting for something from Alan as well. I hope all’s OK. Neil

Alan is from the hippie generation, time and space mean nothing to them kids. You have to jog his memory from time to time, if you can’t get him let me know, I have a hot line direct to him, i’ll call him and lite a fire under him for you.

I’ve also tried to contact Alan a couple times over the last few months to order some pieces from the small press starter kit, and haven’t heard anything yet. I’m sure he’s extra busy now that we’re in the midst of holiday season. I’m mostly trying to get a hold of some Van Son Rubber Base in small amounts and a furniture & reglet starter font for my Kelsey 3x5. If someone could help me get in touch with him I would greatly appreciate it.

Similarly, I have tried several times to reach Alan to buy an ink plate for a Kelsey 5x8 Model O but haven’t been able to get a response. Anyone know how to get in touch with him other than email off his website?


I have the Alan hot line phone number, i’ll give him a call tomorrow and give him heck.


I placed an order a while ago via email and don’t even remember what I ordered anymore. I know it was all stuff I eventually want, but since I used the form on his site, I didn’t send myself a copy. :(

It was a few months ago.

Apparently, the key is to just get in touch with you, dickg. You’re an excellent pre-screening service for busy Alan! :P

I did call Alan today, he called me back and I was out, so i’ll try tomorrow, I did leave him a message to check out Briar press that there are a few people trying to get hold of him.

talked to Alan today, he has been busy with personal things lately, he lost his mother back in October or maybe September, he told me he will soon answer his emails, I know he is working on the house he just bought, he is trying to set up a shop to make some press parts and other things, Thursday is his birthday, the old fart is going to just about catch up to me.

Thanks for the help dickg. Hopefully we’ll all hear from Alan soon :)


Please contact us:

Tom & Terri
T & T Press Restoration

[email protected]


Still waiting to hear from Alan. T&T does not have the Kelsey ink plate I asked Alan About