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Hello everyone,

I’m new to all this I’m a wood worker by trade and a friend of mine just bought a old woodworking shop in St. Thomas On. And it had a printing press of some sort and we r looking for help to find out about it. What kind it is would b a great start, we are looking to restore to use so any help would be greatly appreciated

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Sry can’t seem to upload my pic’s

Try to only use letters and no numbers or spaces for the file name.

Or, if you have something like a Flickr, Picasa or similar web-based photo sharing account, you can try posting links to photos there.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Photo file names like “press-one.jpg” will work OK.


Thx . I found a pic in on the site here and its a colts armory style 2. Does anyone know where to get info on it?



John, is that actually how “Manuals” is spelled in the URL? :-)


everyones a proofreader.

Yes that is how Peterzelka mis-spelled the URL. I sent him the original information, and it, and more, has since been re-posted in the files section at
The Colt’s-specific stuff was found by friends visiting the collection here:

If only everyone WAS a proofreader… .

Thanks everyone for your help and info. Does anyone know where or how to get the ink rollers re-done? They are falling apart.


What’s the best way to get a hundred years of old ink off?. Don’t think it was ever cleaned.


Jeff, Sir, little unpatriotic, from U.K., perhaps, but when I needed help/advice re Rollers, Supply/Recovering etc the most helpful replies were from *Tarheel Roller and Brayer Company* out of Clemmons, N. C. U.S.A… Look up their Publicity/Longevity and Specifications… . Caked on ink, way back was normally removed with Caustic Soda, applied as a paste, left to permeate for some time, and was warm soapy water soluble… . Of course with caution and protection??? … . The graphic suppliers may have marketed it under a brand name to enhance the price but in essence, etc.

Tarheel Roller is the only manufacturer in the states that still makes the old composition rollers. Mick, right again as usual.

That jogged a memory Mick, I forgot about the rotten job I got as an apprentice to roller paste some caked rollers.

Jeff, I assume you are talking about removing hundred-year-old ink from the press, not the rollers. Personally, I don’t care about underlying original paint, I just carefully chip away with various tools (chisels, ink knives, picks, scrapers) and mild kerosene or stronger type wash as needed. Some might use paint-stripper, or rotary wire brushes, or the most ambitious, walnut-shell or dry-ice blasting.
Unless you have specific needs I’d get rubber rollers rather than composition, there are many sources including Tarheel. Some are listed in the BriarPress yellow pages.

Dick, Thank you, still a little undiplomatic, quoting a source outside the U.K. but I genuinly did get better response from Tarheel, than from indigenous factors, I implied that I was a no count Hot Metal exponent but they still gave me their best shot, and I am never likely to get 5% off??? … .Platen Printer thank you also!! … Your comments would imply, that you are coming from a point of well earned experience, and will command a second hearing?? …(nice one) … I did! and made the tea, swept the floor, cleaned the space bands on the Lino, Melted the metal, chatted up the Girls in the Finishing etc etc… . And suffered a few indignities, and (one) I quote, was sent on one occasion by the Head Honcho, of the Monotype/linotype, casting dept (the *Clicker* in those days) to acquire a supply of “Crocus Compo” knowing that he was a keen gardener, I reasonably went to 2 or 3 or 4 Garden Centres for Crocus Compo assuming it was for his Crocus,s to no avail, when I returned empty handed, He (the Clicker) 2 Monotype keyboard ops and 2 Rat Bag, Lino ops fell about with laughter, **I should have gone to Engineering/Hardware type stores for CROCUS COMPOUND I. E. Lapping Compound, Like Jewellers Rouge, DICK, I HOLD YOUR English forbears/cousins Wholly responsible because it was for the LINOTYPE dept anyway, and I still dont know in which context it was to be used.… .Could it have been as a stop gap for cleaning the space bands, in the absence of Graphite Powder??? … But one that I did get correct, but still didnt grasp, as they sent the *Mad Hatter* to the Milliners for a small length of Hat Felt, was that to do with cleaning the space bands??? …Thanks Mick.

I think the mechanics used that compound to check the mouthpiece to make sure it hits evenly against the mold disk. Mick, I put a couple of quarts of goats milk in my canoe and paddled east, are you sure I can get to you in my canoe??